Deborah Milledge has published research on the teaching of music theory (Through the Looking Glass - Reflective Research in Post Compulsory Education vol 3 Jan 2008, University of Central Lancashire). 

Fascination with the role of the unconscious mind in musical appreciation through hypnosis has led to the development of a presentation entitled The Hypnotic Voice, part of a course in Creative Hypnosis, run by Future Seeing in June 2012.

The experience of student singers being vocally damaged by inappropriate singing styles and repertoire has driven Deborah to work towards safe singing in schools.  

She is also working on a project on the role of women in choral singing in England. While the much-lauded English choral tradition has tended to emphasise the male singers, from trebles down to bass, women singers have plugged gaps and improved the quality of choral singing in top-notch concerts from at least the eighteenth century. The majority of today’s English choral singers are women, including an increasing number of tenors.  

Fascinating stuff - watch this space!

April 2018