Artistic Aspirations

People, Group, Crowd, Colorful, Audience

What are they, then? I'm still chewing over ideas which drifted into my head during the Florence Foster Jenkins film. It was interesting how reaction shots were essential to direct the cinema audience to find the appropriate bits of classical-style singing amusing. We later get a glimpse of the heroine's own imagination of her angelic singing and guess what? It's musical theatre style, not classical. However, back to Aspirations. A performance takes place when one or more people set out to communicate a thought/joke/idea/story to one or more others, right? If the audience considers the experience to have been worthwhile, it must have been a success. The performer needs to assess the audience’s expectations, so he/she can form a view as to the performance’s success. Of course we always do our best, but our best changes with circumstances, doesn’t it? My inner perfectionist is always surprised by the kind appreciation of audiences. Performers benefit for taking time to be audience for the live performances of others, experiencing the relaxed, recipient side of the exchange.

April 2020